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Jon Hanover, Founder of Roots Elementary

Episode 182: Jon Hanover, Founder of Roots Elementary

Jon Hanover led the successful application of Roots Elementary to the Denver Public School Board where it received unanimous approval. He has led the organization through its early development and is the Executive Director and Principal of the school. Before launching Roots, Jon was a Founding Kindergarten Teacher, Grade Level Chair and member of the […]

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Ryan Hawk

Episode 114: Ryan Hawk on Leadership, and How Competing at QB with Ben Roethlisberger Prepared for His Life’s Work

In this episode, I interview Ryan Hawk, the podcast host of The Learning Leader Show. We talk about sports, personal development and leadership development, and I think this is relevant in developing future leaders, our kids in the K-12 space and beyond. Guest Bio: Ryan Hawk is the Founder and Podcast Host of The Learning […]

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Steve Jamison

Episode 112: Steve Jamison on Process Over Outcome, and How He Became a Co-author with John Wooden and Bill Walsh

In this episode of Meet Education Project, I talk to Steve Jamison, the foremost authority on the life and leadership of UCLA coach John Wooden, about the leadership lessons and strategies he learned from John Wooden and Bill Walsh, the differences between the two, their long-term success over time and many other things that have […]

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Eric Kapitulik

Episode 111: Eric Kapitulik on How to Do “One More” and Why “Shared Adversity” is the Key to Building Strong Teams

In this episode of MEP, our guest is Eric Kapitulik, Founder of The Program, a leadership and team development company. We talk about a pivotal moment in his life and how he turned it into something that resonates and is beneficial to others. He also talks about shared adversity, which is at the heart of developing great […]

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