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William Deresiewicz

Episode 065: Reading of The Disadvantages of an Elite Education by William Deresiewicz

Today, I’ll do something different. I’ll be reading an essay by William Deresiewicz called The Disadvantages of an Elite Education that appeared in The American Scholar in June 2008. This is a great article that affected me profoundly. It’s a controversial essay about what we typically think of most prestigious universities like Yale and Harvard. […]

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Dr. Andy Howe

Episode 054: Dr. Andy Howe, Founder of Higher Education Consulting

In this episode of MEP, we have an interesting discussion with Dr. Andy Howe of Higher Education Consulting where he talks about the strategies for strong student engagement and the framework for connected learning. Guest Bio: Dr. Andy Howe has over 20 years of professional experience in both private and public universities and community colleges. […]

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Dr. Keith Hampson

Episode 048: Dr. Keith Hampson, Managing Director of Client Innovation at Acrobatiq

Dr. Keith Hampson is the Managing Director of Client Innovation at Acrobatiq, a Carnegie Mellon University venture. In this episode of MEP, he joins us to talk about the future of learning, and the role that learning analytics will play, how institutions will evolve in an administrative standpoint, and improving analytics for faculty and student use. Guest Bio […]

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Damian Ewens

Episode 044: Damian Ewens, Co-Founder and CEO of Achievery

In this episode of MEP, the co-founder and CEO of Achievery, Damian Ewens, joins the program to chat about badging, micro credentialing and skills-based education. Don’t miss it! Guest Bio: Damian Ewens is the CEO of Achievery, a global platform for recognizing and verifying new and emerging skills, standards, and credentials. Damian holds an MA […]

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