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Steve Jamison

Episode 112: Steve Jamison on Process Over Outcome, and How He Became a Co-author with John Wooden and Bill Walsh

In this episode of Meet Education Project, I talk to Steve Jamison, the foremost authority on the life and leadership of UCLA coach John Wooden, about the leadership lessons and strategies he learned from John Wooden and Bill Walsh, the differences between the two, their long-term success over time and many other things that have […]

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Episode 103: Reading of “The 6 Steps to Changing Your Self-Perception”

In this episode, I read an old blog post, “The 6 Steps to Changing Your Self-Perception.”  Here’s the link to that blog post: http://meeteducationproject.com/2014/01/04/the-6-steps-to-changing-your-self-perception/ This story is one that can be applied to many kids and young adults who come from much worse situations than I did. I believe this a vital concept as we […]

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Dan McLaughlin

Episode 097: Dan McLaughlin from The Dan Plan

In this episode I talk to Dan McLaughlin, Founder of the Dan Plan. Dan has an amazing story. He quit his job as a commercial photographer to pursue his interest in seeing if he could take K. Anders Ericsson’s work of 10,000 rule and getting there through deliberate practice. We’ll get into why he chose […]

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Dorie Clark

Episode 096: Dorie Clark, Author of Stand Out

Dorie Clark joins me in another episode of this Adversity series. Dorie is the CEO of Clark Strategic Communications and author of Reinventing You and Stand Out. She talks about how working hard is not enough anymore and gives advice on how to differentiate yourself. Guest Bio: Dorie Clark is a marketing strategy consultant, professional […]

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