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Tosca Killoran

Episode 076: Tosca Killoran: Teacher, and Co-Founder at ED-ucation Publishing

In this episode of MEP, I had the chance to talk to Tosca Killoran, a teacher and entrepreneur. She shares what influenced her to be an educator and talks about Ed-ucation Publishing, which she co-founded and where she works to help drive education forward with technology and globalization. Guest Bio: Tosca Killoran has been teaching in […]

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Kirsten Winkler of EDUKWEST

Episode 073: Kirsten WInkler, Education Technology Blogger and Founder of Edukwest

In this episode of MEP, we have Kirsten Winkler, an award-winning education technology blogger and the founder of Edukwest. We dig deep into the conversations she’s had with founders of edtech start-ups and her thoughts on where we are now in 2015, and the current state and impact of edtech start-ups that have been around […]

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The 6 Steps to Changing Your Self-Perception

  Until I was 24, I lived in Massachusetts all of my life.  More specifically, I lived in a town called North Attleboro, which is about 30 minutes south of Boston and 15 minutes north of Providence, RI.  In North Attleboro, and I would guess most small towns, most people tend to live and die […]

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