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Ken Danford

Episode 127: Ken Danford, Executive Director & Co-Founder of North Star Self-Directed Learning For Teens

In this episode, I interview Ken Danford, Executive Director & Co-Founder of North Star Self-Directed Learning For Teens. He talks about his definition of self-directed learning and describes the learning model and student environment at North Star. Guest Bio: Ken Danford is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of North Star: Self-Directed Learning for Teens. Through North […]

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Matt Murrie

Episode 105: Matt Murrie, Executive Director and Chief Curiosity Curator at What If? 360

In this episode of the Meet Education Project, Matt Murrie, the Executive Director and Chief Curiosity Curator at What If? 360, talks about reinventing the way we look at conferences from being “sage on a stage” -type activities to more interactive, action-oriented engagements. Guest Bio: Matthew is an English professor and Coordinator of Innovation for […]

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Eric Butash

Episode 085: Eric Butash, Director of Strategy & Implementation at the Highlander Institute

In this episode, Eric Butash, the Director of Strategy and Implementation at the Highlander Institute, talks about his work in effectively designing and building operations around a lot of the blended learning initiatives that the Institute is a part of.  He also shares his background, how he got into education from some of his early interests […]

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Renee Hobbs

Episode 079: Dr. Renee Hobbs and Dr. Beth Rabbitt at the Blended Learning Conference

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to moderate the campfire session at the Highlander Institute’s Blended Learning Conference in Providence, Rhode Island. Two of the special guests that we had were Dr. Renee Hobbs from the University of Rhode Island and Dr. Beth Rabbitt who is a Partner at The Learning Accelerator. This […]

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Blake Boles

Episode 074: Blake Boles on Self-Directed Learning

In this episode of MEP, we have Blake Boles, who’s a writer, adventurer, educator and entrepreneur. He tells us about his passion for self-directed learning, and his work helping young people challenge themselves and connect with each other. Guest Bio: Blake Boles builds exciting alternatives to traditional school for self-directed young people. He directs the company Unschool Adventures […]

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Laura Sandefer

Episode 064: Laura Sandefer, Co-Founder and Head of School at Acton Academy

In this episode of MEP, we talk to Laura Sandefer, the Co-Founder and Head of School at Acton Academy. She shares her insights on experiential and blended learning, and how the school engages their students through Socratic methods and focusing on Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey. Guest Bio: Raised by a science teacher and minister, Laura […]

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