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Hi, I’m Nick.  Thanks for taking the time to check out MEP, and also to find out more about some of the basics of my story.

I believe that the key to achieving all the great things one wants in life comes down to three things:
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  • The quality and depth of one’s relationships (personal, family, and business/work)
  • Always being curious and thirst for lifelong learning
  • A strong sense and belief in service to others, especially to those less fortunate

I wish I could say I always felt this way.  But I didn’t.  I coasted through my public school education, getting good enough grades and playing sports, but I never engaged or applied myself in any subjects.  I was fortunate enough to get into Wesleyan University, and I was not even close to being prepared.  I learned so much about what it means to critically think, social responsibility, and being a global citizen.  I found a focus and hunger to learn, and I haven’t stopped since.

I work as a business development manager for Pearson Learning Solutions, with a focus on delivering outcomes-based, curriculum and courseware solutions to colleges and universities.  I’ve done a bunch in higher education:  worked in sales and marketing for two Fortune 500 learning companies, started a consulting business (that failed, but learned a ton), VP of marketing at a seed stage ed tech startup.  I’m also an adjunct professor of marketing at Johnson & Wales University.  I just feel like I can do more.

So, I started the Meet Education Project.  I have conversations with edupractitioners (kinda like this word?) all the time over coffee or a beer, but I thought it was important to chronicle these conversations and push myself to chat with as many thought leaders and action takers as possible.  My goal is to provide a holistic view of what is being done globally to move learning forward.  I believe it is our responsibility to talk about the amazing things being done inside of formal public education, but there are also many progressive initiatives being done to push conventional thinking of what “schooling” is and where learning should take place.  I love seeing the status quo questioned…I think it only makes us better!

Most importantly, I somehow convinced that beautiful girl in the picture above to marry me in July of 2013.  Her name is Sarah, and she’s amazing.  She helps me become better every day.  She’s a fourth grade teacher at a local public school.

Well, enough about me.  Thanks for joining me on this journey, I am excited to have you.  Feel free to explore the expanding library of podcasts, as well as some of my musings in the form of blog posts.  Please do connect with me on Twitter & Linkedin, here are my account links for each:


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Please note:  All views expressed on Meet Education Project do not represent the views of Pearson Education as a whole.  This podcast/blog series is completely independent from the company.  Thank you!

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