BEP005 – Blended Learning: What is the Flex Model?

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In this episode, we talk about the flex model of blended learning.

00:49 Blended Learning models

01:23 Definition of Flex Learning model in terms of station rotation

02:11 Difference between flex model and station rotation

03:11 Similarity to traditional classroom

03:27 Topic in Neuroscience exploring flow states

04:21 Tell us what kind of student-teacher feedback is with the flex model

06:02 Choosing the right option and figuring out your core values

  • What’s the difference in lift for the teacher and for the students

07:27 Case of effective implementation of the flex model in the classroom

08:49 Action steps for teachers

10:12 Is it best to develop the playlist by yourself as the teacher or can you co-create that with the students?

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