BEP003 – How Do I Set Up My Classroom?

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In this episode, we talk about classroom set-up. How do you create an authentic classroom environment for you and your students?

00:59 Why do we still build a classroom environment the same way we’ve always built a classroom environment?

01:30 Christina’s thoughts on the personalization of a classroom

01:58 Personalizing a classroom in terms of blended and personalized learning

  • Physical and emotional side of classroom set-up

02:51 Nick’s experience learning as a kid who grew up with ADD issues

03:05 When does it make sense potentially, to not have desks, to have stand-up desks, to have treadmill desks?

05:09 Definition of classroom environment

  • The actual furniture in the room
  • The culture that you invite into your class

06:01 How much time do you think teachers invest in developing their classroom environment?

07:36 Case study of a unique classroom environment

09:12 Action steps for teachers

  • Take a look at your walls: Who do you have inspiring your kids on your walls?

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