Episode 190: The Mechanics of the Mind with Performance Coach Len Wright

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Peak performance coach and NLP Master Practitioner Len Wright talks about the mechanics of the mind, and what it takes to actually use adversity to your advantage, and as an opportunity.  

Guest Bio:

Len WrightLen Wright of ZenLenCoaching.com is a performance coach, Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, Psycho-linguistics Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist.

Len loves seeing people shed and release what’s holding them back and watch the sparkle in their eyes when they feel the shift take hold.

He loves sharing what he has learned and being the sherpa, transforming the lives of those who are willing, committed and eager to evolve and tap into their true potential. He considers it a true act of passion and a deep privilege to walk alongside people in their journey, planning, strategizing and working with them to expand the success in their lives.

Len has over 24 years of experience in entrepreneurship and business with skill sets in sales, human behavior, communication, government, marketing, PR and creating joint ventures of all kinds.

With a deep people morphing power experience and a wide range of high-level communication abilities, he can connect the dots and create massive leverage within the people and projects he works with.

Len is a husband of 25 years, a father, Cane Corso owner and a rebel / non-conformist extraordinaire.

Show Notes:

(03:16) When you hear the word successful, who’s the first person that comes to mind?

None of our moments, none of the experiences that we have, no experience in the world has its own meaning. It doesn’t have an intrinsic meaning unto itself.

(06:55) Typically when we’re talking to high performers, success is typically about performance, right? It’s about externally perceived performance, or how we need to continue to keep moving forward. However, what I find fascinating about high achievers, high performers is they never rarely seems to be in a sense of balance. Like with Leonardo da Vinci, why couldn’t he have some sort of self-awareness that said, these are the things that I did do which means that this was meaningful? Instead, he said, I didn’t do it enough. That’s fascinating.

Once you actually realize that the less you know yourself, truly know yourself within, the less potential you’re really tapping into.

There is no destination or endpoint to our growth, to our potential.

The more you know yourself, the more you realize that potential within.

(11:00) Len’s background

Once we understand that rough seas make for a good sailor, then we’re not running from the rough seas; we’re running into them.

Continually going through challenge, meeting it and exceeding it, builds muscle. Consciousness is exactly the same.

(21:27) So how do we prepare ourselves to meet adversities head on, so we can have the right mindset and we can see them as the opportunities that they are?

By avoiding challenges, you make them stronger. Whatever you resist in life, persists and grows.

Practice focus. The only thing that you truly control is where you focus your thought.

(24:37) Can you explain the mechanics, from the initial thought and what happens and all those different points? I like to understand the science of how our brains work.

(33:53) That’s a subtle and powerful shift.  What I’m curious about is: Is that us tricking our minds into thinking that, and then so it happens?

(37:39) You’ve talked about mystics, mystical, alchemy, freemasons. Tell us at the core what you mean by this and why it’s so important.

(42:03) What books would you suggest to the audience?


Website: http://Zenlencoaching.com


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