Episode 187: How to Build True Resilience with Muay Thai Champion Chris Romulo

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Muay Thai Champion Chris Romulo talks about his upbringing, his relationship with his father, and the amazing story of adversity he’s gone through to build this resilience.

Guest Bio:

Chris RomuloChris Romulo is a Queens, New York native who always yearned for growth. In his early twenties, he transformed himself from a street kid into a Muay Thai Champion with over 40 fights and 6 titles under his belt.

Today, he’s a coach at his gym CROM Physical Culture and mindset speaker to both youth and adults. Chris has taken what he’s learned in the ring and turned it into a practical curriculum, U.P.R.I.S.E. The curriculum shows you how to tap into your natural abilities and become the champion of your life.

In May of 2017, Chris co-authored and published his memoir, Champions Uprising, which displays his unwavering mindset of determination, grit, and perseverance of spirit.

Chris has taken his focus from performing in the ring to jumping on stage to motivate, educate and inspire the masses.  He has been featured in Yahoo News, The NY Daily News and Men’s Journal, to name a few.

(source: www.chrisromulo.com)

Show Notes:

(03:18) When you hear the word successful, who’s the first person that comes to mind and why?

(04:35) Chris’ background

(06:29) With your dad going through what he did with his gambling, how aware of that were you at that time? How did it kind of manifested in you as a kid? Did you feel like you had to be the man of the house? Did that manifest in anger, hate, seclusion?

(08:52) You mention your mom as being a really strong woman. How did she respond to that and how did she protect you or open you up to kind of building a normal childhood?

(10:20) What were some of the things that you would do when you would run to the streets?

(11:10) What was the turning point for you? Was there a person that came into your life? Was there a moment specifically? Is there anything where you said, “I got to turn this around.” What was it for you?

(12:21) How did he stop it? Did he stop it verbally, or did he physically…

(14:10) How did you end up finding or re-finding Muay Thai, martial arts? Was there somebody who reintroduced it to you? Did you walk into a gym and start training? How did that work?  

(16:36) So how did you begin your training? Did you end up finding Frank Cucci or did you have someone else train you?

(18:10) What did you think it was for you, what were the 2 to 3 keys to your success in the sport? Was it pure athleticism? Was it mindset? Was it the specific way that you trained?

(19:46) How do you think you teach that to somebody who may not understand that they have what it takes to develop heart? Is that inherent or is that because of the environment you grew up in? Can you teach somebody to have heart?

(22:35) How do you teach people how to get it (primal feelings about fighting for what you believe in) back?

(23:09) CHAMPS mindset


Anything that we want in life has to start from within us, not from some external source. It has to start with our own mindset and understanding that we can take decisive control over what we really want.

Surround yourself with better people. People that are going to pull you up and help you become a better person.

(27:17) Can you take us through that scenario (Hurricane Sandy experience)? What happened? How were you able to respond?

(30:28) I’m thinking of your two boys. The older one, how did he take the circumstance? Have you seen a change in him for the better or worse since the incident? How was he able to grow from that?

(32:31) In your book, Champions Uprising, you talk about “Fall seven times, get up eight.” What is the meaning behind those?

(34:15) If you could have dinner with someone you admire, past or present, who would it be and why?

Chris’ Book:

Champions Uprising: Fall 7 Times, Stand Up 8



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