Episode 161: Steve Roy On How Becoming Physically Fit Drives Resilience

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Steve Roy of Fit Dad Nation talks about physical fitness and the importance of physiology, and physiological improvement on how to improve the learning process and improve student performance, and just improve human performance in general.

Guest Bio:

Steve Roy of Fit Dad NationSteve Roy is a fitness coach, certified personal trainer, and business owner for almost 20 years now. He has helped hundreds of people lose weight, gain muscle, look better, build their confidence, and get their lives back on track.

Steve is also a single father to two amazing daughters and considers fatherhood the best job on the planet.

After his separation and divorce in 2012, his life and health fell apart. Through hard work, dedication, and a lot of hustle, he has managed to create a pretty awesome life. He’s now happier and healthier than he’s been in years and believes that there is no reason that you can’t be as well.

(source: www.fitdadnation.com)

Show Notes:

(02:37) When you hear the word successful, who’s the first person that comes to mind and why?

(03:21) Did you always look at that as success, or did it take you awhile before you looked back and say, “My dad is my model for success.”

(04:13) Steve’s background

(07:07) So it sounds like your dad talked negatively about your mother but your mother didn’t respond that way. How did that affect you as a kid? Were you an angry kid? Did you really internalize that? Did you feel like you weren’t enough when it came to your friends?

(08:59) I think there’s a difference between being self-aware of what the source is, of how you act and how you can improve, and then blame… I was always looking for external sources to tell me that I’m successful. It took me a long time to realize that I’m the one who determines that. That subtle shift is tough to get to. What was the catalyst for you? How did you shift your mindset to that way?

(11:09) What was the low point for you? Or was there a series of low points that triggered the response?

(12:57) So, how did you get out of that?

(17:25) You said you started to do, in very small 5-minute increments you would do 5 minutes and you’d be out of breath. Next day you do 6 minutes. Did you have any goal in mind? Or were you just focused on that day to day grind of continuing to get better?

(18:30) The difference between the high performers and the average is that the high performers are process-focused and the average performers are goal-focused…In focusing on the process rather than setting goals, what do you say to your clients in fitness about that sort of thing?

(19:53) How did that lead to this business now that you founded?

(22:04) I just became a dad 5 months ago, I have a 5 ½ -month old son. I’ve noticed, just excuses galore as to consistency for my fitness routine now. What strategies or programs do you have put together to try and keep dads who are busy… which then obviously spirals in a downward slope. What suggestions would you have for something like that?

You have to make time for yourself… You’re doing your family a disservice by not taking care of yourself.

Your life is better when you feel awesome about yourself.

(25:59) Dr. John Sullivan’s PROCESS

(27:07) One small win or one action step that you would recommend to people to get on the right track

Do something out of your comfort zone.

(28:29) Is there a book or couple of books that you’d recommend to the audience that has most impacted you?

(29:59) If you could have dinner with one person you admire, past or present, who would it be and why?

Napoleon Hill


Website: http://www.fitdadnation.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/thefitdadnation

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