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Kevin Kelly

Episode 141: Futurist Kevin Kelly on the 12 Technological Forces that Will Shape the Next 30 Years

Kevin Kelly, author of “The Inevitable: The 12 Technological Forces that Will Shape the Next 30 Years, talks about these technological forces and change in general. We also talk about the ones he thinks may have the longest lasting impact on education. Guest Bio: Kevin Kelly is Senior Maverick at Wired magazine. He co-founded Wired […]

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Colin Gunderson

Episode 140: Colin Gunderson on What the Game of Baseball Can Teach Our Students

Colin Gunderson of Love of Baseball Podcast talks about baseball and Tommy Lasorda. We touch on experiential learning, the importance of curiosity and being open-minded to potential opportunities- things that are relevant to what we try to teach our kids. Guest Bio: Colin Gunderson worked for the Los Angeles Dodgers from 2000 to 2012, starting […]

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