Episode 136: Tanner Gers on How A Tragic Car Accident Can Be Your Greatest Opportunity

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In this episode I interview Tanner Gers, a professional athlete, speaker, and certified personal trainer. He shares how he overcame adversity and why it has made him a better person, a better entrepreneur and a more successful athlete.

Guest Bio:

Tanner GersTanner Gers is a professional athlete, author, consultant, speaker, certified personal trainer and a fitness nutrition specialist.

Tanner’s mission is to enable all women and men to achieve their goals in health, body composition and physical performance. In 2010, he started to fulfill this mission by training and coaching developmental athletes in various sports, including volleyball, baseball, football and cross country. After having the honor and the privilege to represent the United States on the 2012 national track and field team in London, Tanner’s focus on nutrition and fitness for optimal athletic performance began to shift toward reaching optimal health.

While having tremendous success with his 1-on-1 clients, Tanner wanted to reach a larger audience and began his public speaking career. Quickly becoming an accomplished and powerful speaker, Tanner continues to deliver motivational talks as well as presentations on nutrition and fitness to schools, colleges, various organizations and businesses across the United States.

Even though Tanner became visually impaired from a horrible auto accident at age 21, he was determined to not be defined by his disability and still live his dreams. Since then, Tanner graduated from college, helped develop software that enables the blind to independently solve mathematical equations, consulted architecture students to improve disability access, became a professional athlete, launched www.absolutelylean.com and is living his dreams by helping others recognize and achieve their full potential.

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Show Notes:

(02:35) Tanner’s background

(06:15) Can you tell us about your athletic endeavors too?

(08:45) I would love to hear about on of those moments or multiple moments in your life that have been pivotal to where you are today.

(11:27) What was the emotional state? When did you start to be able to turn it around and say I’m going to focus my energy on sports again?

(14:13) What was the next step for you in your recovery, mentally and physically?

(19:24) If you have been exposed when you were watching The Tonight Show, when you were watching the news, let’s say it was years before when you were still coming to terms, you probably mentally wouldn’t have been ready for to even hear that, right? But you needed that process of small wins, to build your confidence in such a level where that opportunity eventually showed itself. Would you agree with that?

(21:03) Can you describe for those people around who may not be familiar with beep baseball, can you describe the game, maybe the differences, how it’s performed as best as possible?

(23:27) Who invented this game, what’s the history of it?

(26:19) There has been coverage of beep baseball as a “feel good” story. What sort of progress has been made in, like you said, make it level playing field with the type of work, work ethic, discipline, athleticism  that’s involved in playing any of this sport, whether it’s track, or baseball, in your opinion?

(29:52) Do you foresee a day, could there be a full integration? Like somebody who competes at the regular Olympic level and any of those disciplines in track and field?

(33:51) Going from beep baseball to standing on the podium getting a gold medal in the long jump in London, why don’t you give us that journey? And you said how much you hated track. How did you end up back in track and field?

(36:20) Let’s talk about what you’re doing currently. You have this podcast, The Creative Success Show, you got The Athletes Summit, you are speaking. Let’s talk about your current work and why it’s so important to you.

“If you put your nose down and be determined that you’re going to do something, the universe is going to get out of your way and you’ll make it happen.”

(44:48) When you hear the word “successful,” what’s the first thing or first person that comes to mind, and why?

(46:43) If you could have dinner with one person you admire, past or present, who would it be, and why?


Website: http://creativesuccessshow.com

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