Episode 135: Luke Harris-Gallahue on The Power of Presence

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Luke Harris-Gallahue, author of Right Now, talks about the things he learned over the last 4-5 years, and shares strategic things that we can apply to our lives to become more present and improve our performance in whatever we’re trying to accomplish.

Guest Bio:

Luke Harris-GallahueLuke bounced around a lot as a child. As an Army brat he lived in 7 different states before the age of 10. Luke went to 3 different high schools, eventually deciding to leave college.

After dropping out of college Luke went on a cross country road trip interviewing economists, CEOs, professors, entrepreneurs, and students across the nation on the topic of college education. In total he interviewed over 100 people.

After this trip he was hired as the 7th employee at Hurdlr where he helped launch Hurdlr’s first app on the App and Google Play Stores. Less than a year later, the company had tens of thousands of users and was responsible for managing millions of dollars every month.

Luke now works as a Coach, Speaker, and Author, helping people improve their performance, increase their happiness, and level up their relationships.

(source: www.lukeharris.me)

Show Notes:

(02:30) Luke’s background

(04:24) So your father was in the army. What branch was he in?

(05:37) At such a young age, you’re such a thoughtful, empathetic dude. At such a young age, it’s amazing to see. I’m always curious, what formed that, the way that you are? Your mom and dad, was it a disciplined household? I’m interested to get a feel for what the environment was like from your family to your friends socially.

(08:10) Was your father present or not around after the divorce?

(10:31) When you deal with some sort of struggle, whether it’s really bad or not too bad but obviously it’s powerful in your life, you look at other people and the things that they go through. You’re always asking questions about their struggle and how they’ve used it to their advantage. How do you feel about that?

A really big skill that a lot of people don’t really possess is just being able to listen. Especially with the opposite sex.

(14:33) You mentioned your book The Power of Presence / Right Now. What made you decide to write about this topic and what about this topic that makes it powerful to you?

(17:54) One of the things that high performers really struggle with is in their constant pursuit of goals and of drive toward something, you naturally forget the importance of being here, right now. So what would you say as a small win or some sort of habit or routine that could help the high performer to become more present everyday?

You need the first thing to be able to perform at a high level is to put yourself first.

23:20 So in really looking at yourself and what’s important to you and who you are, in dedicating proactive and reactive time, in controlling social media, what you’re doing is really optimizing for control which will help you be more present in those moments and otherwise, right?

(24:15) I’m interested in you and your relationship to presence, why it’s important to you. I know you’ve told a couple of stories when we were at the Personal IPO mastermind.  Can you dive into 1 or 2 of those stories to give the audience some context as to where this is coming from.

Better does not necessarily always equal better. Sometimes you have to slow down, take away and add perspective and look at why you’re doing things.

(30:24) So what else can people picking up your book, what’s another thing you can tell them will be a great takeaway, as far as people who are trying to achieve really high goals for themselves?

It’s not necessary to continue to get more things to be happy. We can increase our happiness by realizing what’s around us.

(34:20) What would you say to a teenager in high school that is not being present and knows that something needs to change? Or a teacher that’s trying to mentor a student like that?

Funding The Next Generation

(38:17) Where is Right Now going to be available? On Amazon? Any other channels? Is there a specific launch date?

Right Now

(38:42) When you hear the word successful, what’s the first thing, or first person that comes to mind?

(40:28) If you could have dinner with one person you admire, past or present, who would it be and why?

Marcus Aurelius

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius


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