Episode 130: Katy Tynan on the Future of Work, Employability, and Entrepreneurship

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In this episode, Katy Tynan of CoreAxis Consulting talks about freelancing, how we can build entrepreneurial skills in our students, what the future of work looks like and the skills that we need to potentially be building for in this 21st century economy.

Guest Bio:

Katy TynanKaty Tynan is the bestselling author of practical guides to career transitions, and an internationally-recognized expert on how work is evolving.

Katy is an expert in how the employer/employee relationship is changing, and how individuals, businesses, and educational institutions need to adapt to the evolving landscape of work.

Throughout her 20+ year career in IT and operations consulting, Katy has advised hundreds of organizations on how to find innovative solutions leveraging technology and human capital for competitive advantage. Katy has been part of multiple successful startup exits including Winphoria Networks (acquired by Motorola in 2003) and Thrive Networks (acquired by Staples in 2007).

In 2013, Katy founded MindBridge Partners to provide strategic advice and guidance to organizations and educational institutions as they manage through business model transitions and organizational growth.

Katy is the author of Survive Your Promotion! The 90 Day Success Plan for New Managers, and her most recent book, Free Agent: The Independent Professional’s Roadmap to Self-Employment Success.

When she’s not working, Katy can be found traveling, kayaking, sailing, or reading. Katy, her son, and her dog live near Boston, Massachusetts, and she is a proud graduate of UMass Amherst.

(source: www.katytynan.com)

Show Notes:

(02:04) Katy’s background

(06:33) I’d like to dive in with reviewing your latest book, Free Agent. Can you talk about how work has changed over the last 40 to 50 years, and why do you think it has changed?

(09:46) You talk a lot about regulatory changes that have happened in the last 30 years… I’d love to have you dive into some of those concepts and why you think they’re really critical to how this shift to free agency and being a freelancer has become such a big thing.

(14:00) You talked about loyalty before and I think trust has just completely eroded. And I wonder if it’s because of these external events, or if it’s just  the millennial generation. How we’ve grown up with all of these information and find it and control this information.

(18:54) As we’re talking about K-12 education, the conversation about employability and workforce readiness comes up all the time. What you’re talking about as far as the trends, freelancers, the changing workplace environment, I think it’s just so critical. I’m interested, in your experience, and people you’ve talked to and worked with, what do you think are the 2-3 most important skills for either people coming out of college, or forgoing college, they need to have to be successful in the workplace or being an entrepreneur?

(26:16) So on the employer side, when you’re talking about re-interpreting the 9 to 5, or what the workday actually looks like, it made me think about David Burkus’ book, Under New Management. What are you seeing, as far as the research you do and  the clients you have, what’s the percentage of leaders that you’re talking to that are actually taking to these ideas and what ones are staying stagnant towards the legacy systems?

(30:05) What do you find is the most in demand set of services that you are providing at CoreAxis that companies are clamoring for? Is it learning and development, micro-credentialing, badging?

(31:59) When you hear the word “successful” what’s the first thing or person that comes to mind?

(33:12) Is there a book that has most influenced you, and why?

Drive by Daniel Pink

(34:26) If you could have dinner with one person you admire, past or present, who would it be and why?


Twitter: http://twitter.com/katytynan
Katy’s Website: http://katytynan.com
CoreAxis Website: http://coreaxis.com


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