Episode 123: Steve Heath, Executive Director of FabNewport

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In this episode of Meet Education Project, my conversation with Steve Heath, Executive Director of FabNewport, revolves around liberating the maker intrinsic in all of us, the maker movement and its importance in experiential learning in and outside the classroom.

Guest Bio:

Steve HeathSteve Heath is the Executive Director of FabNewport, a  community-based non-profit that coaches people how to make things using contemporary digital tools and traditional tools. He’s committed to developing an ecology of learning which makes it easy for all learners to tap into their intrinsic human desire to create, learn and share.

Steve is an educator with 25 year of experience working in public and private schools in Boston, Chicago and Rhode Island.

Show Notes:

(02:39) Steve’s background

(03:41) Now, Steve, did you have that experience when you were younger, with tinkering or working with your hands, the kind that you’re doing today?

(04:34) What about your parents, what were their professions, and how did they impact you in the way you lived your life?

(05:37) So FabNewport… Can you tell us about its origins, how it got its start?

07:26 Your catchphrase for FabNewport is “Liberating the maker intrinsic in all of us.” Can you break down exactly what that means to you and why it’s so important?

(09:26) Can you tell us about this sort of experience, what environment is this that the students are walking into, that they can experience?

(10:40) What are the different programs that students and adults, anybody interested, can go after?

(11:51) We talk a lot about the different ways you can make an impact with students. What do you see as the most important next step for FabNewport in being able to make an impact?

(14:23) Do you see that a lot, like, whole families coming in?

(15:12) When you come in to work with schools, are you going in during the school day to work with the curriculum or is it more extracurricular?

(16:39) It’s really interesting because kids really respond  to this type of work. … I think you’re right, it’s a human capital issue, it’s not about whether or not we’re able to teach teachers how to do this. We’ve got to bring in experts like yourself who have these pre-packaged curriculum so that students can learn this stuff.

(19:19) Is there a book that’s most influenced you, and why?

Mindstorms by Seymour Papert

(20:49) If you could have dinner with one person you admire, past or present, who would it be and why?

Elon Musk


Website: http://fabnewport.org



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