Episode 122: Niyi Sobomehin, Former NFL Player and Peak Performance Coach on Sports as Experiential Learning

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In this episode of the MEP, former NFL player Niyi Sobomehin talks about the lessons he learned from his immigrant father, what shaped his mindset, and the strategies he uses to help his clients achieve their goals.

Guest Bio:

Niyi SobomehinNiyi Sobomehin is a former professional football player.

Born in Portland, Oregon, he played for Cleveland High School in Portland because his high school did not field a football team.

He played college football at Oregon State and Portland State. He was signed by the New Orleans Saints as an undrafted free agent in 2008. After getting injured, he spent his rookie season on Injured Reserve.

Now Niyi is a performance coach, helping young athletes from middle school to professionals, teaching them how to have a dominant mindset, and educating them on the habits and routines that are necessary for peak performance in getting to their loftiest goals.

Show Notes:

(02:39) Niyi’s background

(06:53) What do you think created this? Is this something that is based on your environment? Or do you feel like you always had this drive, this focus and intent that differentiated you from your peers even from the time you played football?

You have to be constantly be defining what it is you want to do,  what it is you want to be, what it is you want to have, and do not apologize for that at all.

If everyday you find one thing to be better on, you will live a life that’s incredible.

Challenges are like blessings that are showing you what needs to be done in order to get to the next level.

(15:10) I’d like to dig into the work that you do with imnotyou.com and your athletes. I’d like to get your perspective on why mindset is so important, and how you’re instilling that in your clients.

(16:48) Your mindset is pretty much your set of beliefs, what you think is true, your feeling about what is reality. You call this your philosophy, your mindset, your mentality.

Tim Kight: E + R = O

(18:49) Once you reverse engineer that goal, and how you’re going to develop a process to get them there, how do you develop a day-to-day set of habits for these kids and get them small wins moving in the right direction?

Primetime conditioning

(24:20) How do you show somebody who is kind of on the fence to listen to you about that sort of thing?

(27:42) One of the things I talk a lot about is perspective, or kind of standing on the shoulders of giants. I’m a sucker for immigrant stories. You mentioned about your dad earlier, he’s this legend in Portland. I would love to get a sense for his story, and how it has impacted you day to day, how you look at him, how you look at the future.

(31:30) I’m expecting my first kid in May, and I’m constantly worrying about if I give them all I want to give because I’ve been successful, how do I make sure that they appreciate that? That they develop that kind of desire and passion as well? Do you struggle with that, or, how do you overcome that?

(34:54) I’d like to get your perspective on the state of the game of football right now. I‘d love to hear what you think about the future of football. Do you want your kids to play long term?

(37:31) Is there a book or a couple of books that has most influenced you and why?

The 50th Law by 50 Cent, Robert Greene

Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins

(39:53) When you think of the word successful, who’s the first person that comes to mind?

(41:09) If you could have dinner with one person you admire, past or present, who would it be and why?

Tony Robbins
Rocky from the Rocky movies
Maximus from the Gladiator movie


Website: http://imnotyou.com
Twitter: @niyisobo
Instagram: @niyisobo
Podcast: Sports Motivation Podcast on iTunes

Niyi’s free video series on how to create a dominant mindset:



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