Episode 117: Bobby Carpenter, Former NFL Linebacker on High Performance, Family, and Struggle

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In this episode of Meet Education Project, I talk to Bobby Carpenter, former NFL linebacker. We have great insights on high performance, what it takes to be a high performer on a consistent basis. which has a lot to do with learning and being a lifelong learner. Also how to bring up our kids and model great behaviors.

Guest Bio:

Bobby CarpenterBobby Carpenter is a former NFL Linebacker most famous for his years as a member of the Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions and New England Patriots.

He attended Lancaster High School in Lancaster, Ohio, where he made the district finals in swimming in addition to being a football star.

He was a two-time Second-Team All-Big Ten selection at Ohio State University (where he earned a degree in Economics) before being drafted by the Cowboys in the first round of the 2006 NFL Draft.

He and his father,  NFL running back Bob Carpenter, both played for Hall of Fame head coach Bill Parcells.

After his NFL career he returned to Ohio State University’s Fisher School of Business for an MBA in Finance & Strategy.

Bobby talks about sports, life and pop culture in his podcast, According to Carp.

Show Notes:

02:19 What is it about adversity, struggle, and failure that is so critical to our development as leaders and as human beings?

04:25 I’d like to explore some specific adversity moments in your life. One or two key moments that impacted your development and shaped your perspective.

07:40 What you just said about the last 10% being the difference between real health and performing at a high level. I think it has got to do with they are able to identify and use adversity to their advantage. That’s the 10% that makes a difference. Would you agree with that?

10:40 it’s amazing to me when people deal with failure or failure comes knocking on their door. Whether or not they choose to shun their eyes to it or if they’ve been able to develop a growth mindset to be able to say “Ok, this is what I’m going to use to my advantage.” It seems to me that those fixed and growth mindset people, that’s the big difference between how they use it.

12:45 You talk about your parents, that you have this outlook of standing on the shoulders of giants, that the people before you made you who you are. I’m fascinated by nature versus nurture, or a kind of combination of both. I’m wondering if you believe that your success has a lot to do with genetics or is it more about the environment you’re in, the growth mindset that your parents have instilled that developed who you become as an athlete, as a person?

16:33 Are there any specific things that you do, traits or daily habits that you try instill, into making sure that your kids are grounded, based on your success?

18:39 I’m interested about your daily habits. Do you have any specific keystone habits for somebody who wants to improve themselves this year. One or two habits that have been key in what you’ve been able to do.

21:52 From the time you wake up to the time you’re at the gym, do you have any specific routines that you do?

24:0 I’m curious about mentors in your life. Is there a mentor now that you’ve transitioned from your football career to now that you have your MBA, you’re a podcast host, you’re with IMG. Are there any mentors that have been critical to your success?

27:07 You mentioned coach Tressel. I’m fascinated by some of these leaders in sports. What have you learned that’s different in their leadership styles, that you have been able to take away in your own career?

28:57 What are some of the up and coming coaches across sports that you look at and say, “This man or woman is the next great thing, they are genuine, they know who they are.”

32:52 Is there a book or a couple of books that have really resonated with you, and why?

35:32 What about documentaries? Do you watch documentaries, and if so, what’s your favorite?

36:35 If you could have dinner with someone you admire past or present, who would it be and why?

Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln


Website: http://bobbycarpenter.com/

Podcast: http://bobbycarpenter.com/podcast-episode/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bcarp3

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