Episode 100: Dawn Casey-Rowe, author of Don’t Sniff the Glue: A Teacher’s Misadventures in Education Reform

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This is the podcast’s 100th episode, and we bring back one of the first guests of the show, Dawn Casey-Rowe. She is a teacher and an author of a new book, which is what we talk about in this episode. The book is Don’t Sniff the Glue: A Teacher’s Misadventures in Education Reform, a great collection of stories about her experiences as a teacher.

Guest Bio:

DAwnCaseyRoweDawn Casey-Rowe teaches social studies at the William M. Davies Career & Technical High School in Lincoln, Rhode Island. She also consults in the field of ed tech, because she is passionate about bringing 21st century learning opportunities to all students. She and her husband own a successful fitness business in Rhode Island. In her spare time, she enjoys distance running, sustainability, and cooking with locally-sourced ingredients. She blogs at http://www.cafecasey.com. (Source: edsurge.com)

Show Notes:

(04:13) What was the reason you wanted to write this book and why now?

(05:17) What has been the outcome so far? What has been the reaction with people you respect, the teaching community? What feedback have you gotten so far?

(06:18) For anybody who hasn’t read the book who’s listening in, can you give a high level synopsis of what the book is about? What they can expect when they pick it up?

(07:07) In Chapter 13, All The World’s A Stage…, you’re talking about how you’re not yourself when you’re in the classroom, you created your own character looking for a Tony award here, how you edutain, how you entertain your students into learning rather than forcing information down their throats. Can you talk about that?

(08:46 )You talk a lot about how your previous experience in business, as an entrepreneur yourself has really informed your approaches in the classroom. How do you think how teachers who haven’t had that experience can use the lessons you learned in life experientially? How do you want them to be able to respond?

(10:15) You’re also able to transition into really serious things that are meaningful to you. there’s the story of a girl who was not able to concentrate during the day. Can you talk about this?

(12:00) In the book that I wrote there’s a principle there about making sure that you develop a sense of gratitude, a gratitude practice everyday. This chapter is a testament to that.  It’s about appreciating and empathizing what your students are dealing with on a daily basis.

(13:47) If you were in a policymaker’s shoes right now,  what would be the first step to be able to shift that into a service model?

(15:30) Learning doesn’t happen just from 8 to 3. There are people trying to change this… How do we quantify that stuff into lifelong learning and build potential skill sets?

(18:35) What’s next for you? What’s your next project?

(19:30) These projects are all in education or they also explore things outside?


Twitter http://twitter.com/runningdmc

Blog: cafecasey.com

Book:  Don’t Sniff the Glue:  A Teacher’s Misadventures in Education Reform



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