Episode 097: Dan McLaughlin from The Dan Plan

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In this episode I talk to Dan McLaughlin, Founder of the Dan Plan. Dan has an amazing story. He quit his job as a commercial photographer to pursue his interest in seeing if he could take K. Anders Ericsson’s work of 10,000 rule and getting there through deliberate practice. We’ll get into why he chose to do it, how he’s accomplishing it and what his overall goals are.

Guest Bio:

DanMcLaughlinDan is an average man by most standards. When The Dan Plan began, he was a 30-year-old commercial photographer with no previous experience as a competitive athlete, nor was he in particularly good physical condition. Dan is slightly under average height and weight, had never played a full 18 holes of golf, and had only been to a driving range a handful of times. He was not even sure if he was a left-or right-handed golfer. Dan currently resides in Portland, Oregon. (Source: TheDanPlan.com)

Show Notes:

(01:53) Dan’s background

K. Anders Ericsson and his research on deliberate practice

(04:27) Growing up, have you always been the type to really approach goals and attack goals in such a way, or, did this project really drive that out of you? If you were always the type of driven person or this purpose really did it?

(05:51) What would you say you found out about yourself and about the goal of showing people that you can accomplish things if you approach this 10,000 hour concept with deliberate practice?

(07:35) What is it about the game of golf that made you choose that as the cornerstone to the quest?

(09:33) What were you when you start out? Have you even played golf before?

(09:57) I’m interested in the setup, the design how you’re going to approach the process for your goal. After you figured out how many hours per day, what sort of support did you need, what sort of development around you did you need to achieve this goal?

(12:22) Can you take us to that first year of what you had to do, not knowing even how to approach golf. What did you do to develop the right fundamentals and techniques around your game?

(15:10) So what would you say your daily routine is right now? What’s a day in the life of Dan McLaughlin today or tomorrow?

(16:59) What would you say, what did you learn now, and the people that are following what you’re doing, what applications could and should people take away to their lives, into entrepreneurship, career building? What would you tell somebody today if they wanted to take the first step in finding their purpose or doing something that they really wanted to do but they haven’t had the drive to do it?

(18:57) Your project specifically, if others apply it to their own lives, they may look at their ultimate goal as being so far away or overwhelming that they can’t attain, what you’re doing  is looking at things in small chunks. Would you agree with that outlook, as far as respecting the process rather than looking at the end goal and getting overwhelmed?

(20:32) You’re obviously not a psychologist or a scientist, but you’re experientially figuring this out as you go, but I’m fascinated by the concept of Nature vs. Nurture. I’m wondering, in what you’ve experienced, how much of it is development, and how much of it is possibly genetics? I’m interested in your perspective in Nature vs. Nurture here.

(22:43) Is there a book that has most inspired you, and why?

Talent is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else by  Geoff Colvin

(23:28) If you could have dinner with one person you admire, past or present, who would it be and why?

Bill Murray


Website: TheDanPlan.com

Twitter: @thedanplan


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