Episode 089: Daniel Goleman and Peter Senge, Authors of “The Triple Focus: A New Approach to Education”

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Daniel Goleman Series on MEP

This is the last of three episodes in this series based on Daniel Goleman’s work  from morethansound.net, featuring his work on focus and mindfulness. In this excerpt, Goleman and co-author Peter Senge talk about “The Triple Focus” and its components: self awareness, empathy and understanding.

Guest Bio:

Daniel Goleman

Photo Credit: Audio File Magazine

Daniel Goleman is an internationally known psychologist who lectures frequently to professional groups, business audiences, and on college campuses.

More on Daniel Goleman’s bio in previous episode.





Peter SengePeter Senge is a Senior Lecturer in Leadership and Sustainability at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

The Journal of Business Strategy(September/October 1999) named Senge one of the 24 people who has had the greatest influence on business strategy over the last 100 years. The Financial Times (2000) named him one of the world’s top management gurus, and BusinessWeek (October 2001) rated Senge one of the top 10 management gurus. Senge has lectured extensively throughout the world, translating the abstract ideas of systems theory into tools for better understanding of economic and organizational change. He studies decentralizing the role of leadership in organizations so as to enhance the ability of employees to work productively toward common goals, and the managerial and institutional changes needed to build more sustainable enterprises—those businesses that foster social and natural as well as economic well-being. Senge’s work articulates a cornerstone position of human values in the workplace: namely, that vision, purpose, reflectiveness, and systems thinking are essential if organizations are to realize their potential. He has worked with leaders in business, education, civil society, healthcare, and government.




The Triple Focus, A New Approach to Education


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