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Beth Rabbitt

Episode 091: Beth Rabbitt, Partner at The Learning Accelerator

In this episode of the Meet Education Project, I had the chance to talk to Dr. Beth Rabbitt, a Partner at The Learning Accelerator, and she shares her perspective on blended learning initiatives and teacher training. Guest Bio: Beth Rabbitt is a Partner at The Learning Accelerator. Beth has a decade of experience in education entrepreneurship, human capital, […]

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Daniel Goleman

Episode 089: Daniel Goleman and Peter Senge, Authors of “The Triple Focus: A New Approach to Education”

Daniel Goleman Series on MEP This is the last of three episodes in this series based on Daniel Goleman’s work  from, featuring his work on focus and mindfulness. In this excerpt, Goleman and co-author Peter Senge talk about “The Triple Focus” and its components: self awareness, empathy and understanding. Guest Bio: Daniel Goleman is […]

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