Episode 084: Adversity as Opportunity

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Adversity as Opportunity

In this episode, I”ll be talking about a project that I’ve been working on for the past year. This is the book “The Game of Adversity:  8 Principles to Turn Life’s Toughest Moments into Your Greatest Opportunities,” and it’s about promoting the idea of adversity and how it creates opportunity.

Show Notes:

This podcast series is selfish in many ways.  It’s a cheat.  It’s been almost two years since I began this journey, and this is the 84th episode.  I’ve been able to have conversations with action takers across the whole spectrum of education:  from public school teachers to charter school leaders to unschooling experts to politicians to entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.  This podcast provides a unique forum to follow the topics and people that move me the most…and I’ve learned so much that I did not know.  I’ve developed relationships with folks who I never would have met.  I would never be able to have these conversations otherwise.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving for me.  I am thrilled that MEP has been of value to so many of you, and I appreciate you following the journey.  Let’s keep this party going 🙂

One topic that’s been of particular interest to me is that of resilience.  There’s been much work on the subject, or variations thereof, by educators and researchers like Angela Duckworth (grit), Paul Tough, Carol Dweck, Martin Seligman (Post Traumatic Growth) and many more.

Much of this work has been research based, which is critical to testing theories and building evidence to support the work.  I believe resilience is the KEY skill that our children must learn to live a successful life, in whatever way they define it for themselves.

Meet Education Project - resilience

I felt there was a gap.  So I wrote a book.  The book is called “The Game of Adversity:  8 Principles to Turn Life’s Toughest Moments into Your Greatest Opportunities.”  I wanted to write (and read) a book, that could corral the great research that’s been developed on the subject…along with research in brain science and other areas of positive psychology, and build a narrative that spoke to the general public in a different way.  The people outside of education who cared so much about how to help their child succeed…and even for those who are indifferent, but want the best for their child but don’t know what the next step may be, or may just be resigned to their lot in life.

Sometimes we can talk above the people who need it most about this subject.  I thought long and hard to figure out if there was SOMETHING, anything, that could act as a binder…a trojan horse even, to tell stories that resonate and demonstrate the power of resilience and strategies for how we develop it.

That something is sports.  It’s one area that cuts across socioeconomic, racial, and class boundaries…bringing boys and girls together to work towards a shared goal, and learn about and develop themselves in the process.  To go through struggle safely, but reap all the benefits.

I decided to dig in, using stories of successful players and leaders across different sports to illustrate how adversity can be used as an opportunity.  I break down 8 principles that have worked for me in developing competencies and strategies to work with adverse situations.

Thousands of readers have already downloaded the book, and I’ve gotten an overwhelmingly positive response.  It’s been amazing to see over the past week, since its launch on May 4th.

Here’s my ask…I truly believe there are important applications with this book in schools. I’ve made the book .99 cents on Amazon for this week only (May 12-17), so I would love for you to purchase a copy, and read the first chapter at the very least.

The Game of Adversity

Tweet me @nickdinardo33 if you agree, or if you have any constructive feedback at all that will help further develop the idea/message.  If you like it, please consider writing a review on Amazon…it helps like-minded folks find the book easier on Amazon.

You can find out more at http://thegameofadversity.com, and in the show notes right here on MEP.

As always, thanks so much for listening, and keep in touch!


The Game of Adversity link to Amazon page: http://bit.ly/TGoAMEP

Twitter:  @nickdinardo33
Email: ddinardo33 (at) gmail (dot) com

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