Episode 058: Brian Rainville, Former Baltimore Teacher of the Year

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In this episode of MEP, former Baltimore Teacher of the Year Brian Rainville joins us to talk about his experiences as a teacher and how that influences the work he’s doing now on Educator Engagement for Panorama Education.

Guest Bio:

Brian RainvilleBrian Rainville earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Arizona and a Master of Arts degree in Teaching at Johns Hopkins University. He believes his greatest accomplishments to be the contributions he makes to students and teachers that leave them more empowered.

A teacher for six years, Brian taught kindergarten, first and third grades and served as a Teacher Leader and Curriculum Writer before being named Baltimore City Schools’ Teacher of the Year for 2010.

After his final year in the classroom, Brian was appointed to a team of teachers on special assignments to work jointly for Baltimore City Schools and the Baltimore Teachers Union. In this role, he helped to structure and implement the city’s innovative new teacher contract. By cultivating collaboration between the union and district, the team built and executed much of the contract, including one of the nation’s first peer review for promotion systems.

Brian is currently working on Educator Engagement for Panorama Education, a data analytics company focused on K-12, while pursuing his doctorate in the Doctor of Education Leadership program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Show Notes:

(01:56) Brian’s background

(04:28) Tell us about the teaching experience for you. What was it like in the classroom? How did it affect you and impact you as a person?

(06:45) Can you describe that a little bit? What was the student demographic, the background?

(07:40) Fast forward to 5, 6 years when you became Baltimore Teacher of the Year. You started experiencing unbelievable success in getting your students to learn, having them understand the importance of learning and the importance of education. How did you get from point A to point B? When you first started in that kindergarten classroom, you didn’t know what to expect. Then five years later, you’re given an award for Teacher of the Year. How did that happen?

(13:00) Let’s take it from your teaching experience and how that developed you as a person and as a leader. Now you’re part of Panorama Education. Let’s talk about your joining Panorama and what you’re doing at Panorama and what the company is up to.

(17:21) Can you talk about what sort of work Panorama is doing with surveys and data to inform instruction, and making these schools more effective and efficient?

(19:30) Article on New York Times: Grading Teachers, With Data From Class

Can you talk about data in general, and your perspectives on it, and how does it inform the teacher, teacher effectiveness and institutional effectiveness?

(23:40) What do you think the next iteration of what this type of work that you and Panorama are doing? Is there something that you’re trying to get to in the next 1-5 years that you’re not at now that you’d like to be?

(24:57) Do you have a specific book that you would give to family members or friends, anything that really influenced you, that you typically give to them?

Real Leadership: Helping People and Organizations Face Their Toughest Challenges by Dean WIlliams

(27:18) Do you have a favorite documentary that you recommend?

Transcendent Man

(28:48) If you could have dinner with one person you admire, past or present, who would it be and why?

The Dalai Lama

Contact Brian through Panorama Education: http://panoramaed.com

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