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Damian Ewens

Episode 044: Damian Ewens, Co-Founder and CEO of Achievery

In this episode of MEP, the co-founder and CEO of Achievery, Damian Ewens, joins the program to chat about badging, micro credentialing and skills-based education. Don’t miss it! Guest Bio: Damian Ewens is the CEO of Achievery, a global platform for recognizing and verifying new and emerging skills, standards, and credentials. Damian holds an MA […]

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Justin Ballou

Episode 042: Justin Ballou, Founder of Socrademy

In this episode of MEP, Justin Ballou joins me to discuss about competency based education and his education startup, Socrademy.  Don’t miss it! Guest Bio Justin Ballou teaches social studies at Campbell High School in Litchfield, New Hampshire. With a focus on competency-based education and personalized learning, he is constantly pushing the envelope in the […]

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Janelle Allen

Episode 041: Janelle Allen, Founder of Learnwise

In this episode of MEP, Janelle Allen, founder of Learnwise, joins the program to discuss the importance of instructional design in education and some common misconceptions about online learning.  Don’t miss this chat! Guest Bio Janelle Allen is an Instructional Designer, with a Bachelors degree in English (Creative Writing) from Georgia State University. After 6 […]

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