Episode 040: Kevin O’Sullivan and Lisa March, Managing Partners at Partner in Publishing

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In this episode of MEP, Kevin O’Sullivan and Lisa March from Partner in Publishing join us to discuss the current state of higher education and how PIP adds value to their customers.

Partner in Publishing provides services to seasoned and start-up companies in the education space, including pipeline development, business development, project management, start-up sales, market research and talent acquisition.

Guest Bio:

Lisa March and Kevin O’Sullivan are former senior sales managers with long histories of driving revenue for educational publishers.

lisa marchPrior to co-founding PIP, Lisa held the positions of sales representative, technology specialist, executive district manager and national sales manager for several major industry players. She also taught computer literacy and business courses at a community college for five years, further broadening her perspective.

Kevin brings 20+ years of experience in services to the education sector.

kevin o'sullivan

As National Director of Sales for Pearson Learning Solutions, Kevin’s projects included curriculum development, online learning initiatives, LMS integrations, eBook campaigns, institutional sales, custom publishing (print and digital), and the successful launch of multiple programs in the K-12 virtual schools and career college markets.

Kevin identifies potential in untapped markets, and understands how to attract and deploy the right talent to execute sales strategies in those markets. He loves doing these on behalf of a varied range of client companies who serve the education space.

Show Notes:

(02:50) Lisa talks about starting Partner in Publishing (PIP)

(03:52) Kevin’s background

(04:26) Lisa’s background

(06:11) What are you noticing in the marketplace that large companies are trying to do to compete in this kind of constantly evolving market as we see it today?

(07:13) What have been the most common gaps you have been filling for the big publishers, and for the tech start-ups?

(09:13) If a publisher, institution or department comes to you and says “We think that we may need your help,” how do you identify those needs and what is the process of getting to the actual outcome?

(11:55) Based on your experience with many different companies in the industry, what are the cool products and services that may be drivers of change in the next 5-7 years as we see things continue to evolve?

(14:08) What gets you most excited about the future of education?

(15:00) What would you say is providing the most opportunity for the future of education?

(16:43) If you could have dinner with one person you admire in any industry, who would it be and why?

* Malcolm Gladwell

* Jack Welch 







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