Episode 037: Penelope Trunk, Serial Entrepreneur and Blogger, on Homeschooling

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In this episode of MEP, the great Penelope Trunk joins me to discuss the beauty of homeschooling, why the common misconceptions are ridiculous, and the importance of Myers Briggs in personalizing learning for kids.  Don’t miss it!

Guest Bio

Penelope Trunk is a serial entrepreneur with a background in journalism. Her blog was named top ten by Inc magazine.Penelope Trunk

Penelope  began her career as a professional beach volleyball player in Los Angeles.

She founded four startups: Math.com, eCitydeals, Brazen Careerist, and the latest, Quistic.com.

She is author of the book Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success, published by Time Warner.

She wrote a syndicated career advice column that has run in more than 200 newspapers including The San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Globe, and Chicago Tribune.

She is a proud mom to 2 boys.  They live on a farm in southwest Wisconsin.

Show Notes

(03:12) Penelope’s Story

(04:11)  What got you into writing your blog and your interest in education?

(08:00)  What is it about the homeschooling experience that has attracted you to it?

(09:18)  One of the common misconceptions that most people in “traditional environments” talk about is that kids don’t learn social skills and you don’t have a community. To dispel these misconceptions, can you talk more about a day in the life?

(11:12)   I wonder if we’re even able to scale this type of thinking? Down to the concrete level… It’s just tough to think about how it can potentially scale from 2-3 percent of the population.

 (13:06) Do you believe that homeschooling and unschooling specifically are the best ways to teach self-directed learning?

(13:55) Can you talk to the listeners a little bit about the differences on how you engage both your kids in each day of their home schooling? Specifically, going back to the day in the life of homeschooling piece that you wrote where you have one kid in cello lessons, one kid in violin. How  do you go through that experience?

(17:49) Do you think that being able to focus in on his passions and where his talent lies, do you think, can other kids do that in a more restrictive public school setting?

(19:05) If you can figure out how to specialize in adult life then you’re always employable.

(19:51) How would you say your experience as a successful beach volleyball player and athlete has informed how you schooled your children?

(23:23) What is it about understanding personality types do you think is so important to the future of education and careers?

(25:52) There are certain personality types that should be in school and probably shouldn’t be in school.

(26:31) What is it about that personality type (ENFP) specifically that makes it so different in school for them?

(27:32) Everyone should just go score their kid.

(28:00) If you could have dinner with one person, past or present, who you admire, who would it be and why?

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