Episode 034: Dr. Lori McEwen, Director of Academics at Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy (RI)

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Guest Bio:

Dr. Lori McEwen joined the Blackstone Valley Prep network support team after working as an Assistant Principal at Portsmouth High School. Dr. McEwen has also served as a middle school leader and an educational consultant for Teachers21. She has also conducted a large-scale program evaluation for the Ministry of Education in Canada and research for an international study of high-performing organizations in collaborative effort between Bost

Lori McEwenon College and the University of London. Lori holds a B.A. in secondary education and English from Boston College, an M.A. in education administration from UMass/Boston, and a Ph.D. from Boston College. When not working, Lori enjoys running, reading, shopping yard sales and spending time with her husband and their two children.

Show Notes:

(2:15)  Lori’s Educational Journey

(13:25)  Curriculum Design

(16:06)  State test scores as the “floor not the ceiling”

(18:54)  National model for “intentional diversity”?

(23:07)  Charter School Growth Fund relationship

(26:20)  If you could have dinner with someone you admire, past or present, who would it be and why?   Jon Stewart, Oprah Winfrey, & Diane Ravitch – What a conversation!!

(27:21)  BVP in social media


Shout Outs:

Dan McKey

Jonathan Santos Silva

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