Episode 028: Phil Hill from Mindwires Consulting

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Interested in the current and future state of colleges and universities?  What about online education, and its potential impact on learning?  Well you’ll love this episode with Phil Hill!  Don’t miss his insights on these issues and much more.  Enjoy!

Guest Bio:

Phil HillPhil Hill (@PhilOnEdTech) is an educational technology consultant and analyst who has spent the last 10 years advising in online education and educational technology markets. As an independent consultant and analyst, Phil helps higher education institutions develop effective strategies to understand and implement online education programs. Phil’s clients have included the University of Iowa, UCLA, California State University, DeVry University, Colorado Community College System, University of Maryland University College, among others.

Phil is also an author, blogger at e-Literate, and speaker, and he has become recognized in the educational technology community for his insights into the broader education market trends and issues. In addition to e-Literate, Phil has also written for EDUCAUSE Review and been quoted at Inside Higher Ed and Washington Business Journal.


Show Notes:

(1:55)  Phil’s Journey

(7:39)  What are the 3 big problems that online education is helping to solve for universities?

(13:05)  Digging into IPEDS vs Babson Survey data to paint the landscape of online learning in higher education

(18:21)  Where do you think online education will be in the next 5 years?

(24:00)  City College of San Francisco accreditation case

*Too big to fail?

(36:00)  What gets you most excited about the future of education?

(37:10)  What gets you most frustrated about the future of education?

(38:52)  If you could have dinner with anyone you admire, past or present, who would it be and why?

*Dinner date:  Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill

Shout Outs:

e-literate tv

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MindWires Consulting

Audrey Watters & Hack Education

Michael Feldstein & the e-Literate Blog

Pearson Learning Solutions

Liberty University

Grand Canyon University



Clayton Christensen article on disruptive innovation in higher education

In The Telling

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