Episode 026: UnCollege Fellow Profile #1 – Spencer Shulem

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Imagine being kicked out of school for wanting to be challenged.  Wanting to learn.  What if you had an insatiable curiosity to do more and understand more….but most of your teachers and administrators didn’t understand?  In episode 026 of MEP, I chat with Spencer Shulem, a current UnCollege fellow and entrepreneur who experienced just that.  We talk about how his educational journey, ADHD, and making things that matter.

Spencer ShulemGuest Bio:

Spencer Shulem is an open-minded, dynamic entrepreneur who thrives on figuring out the unknown, and strives for efficient excellence; whilst being a self-sufficient leader and team player, for designing and executing creative and unique experiences. Passionate communicator and love for creating.

He specializes in website development, but also has worked with Android and Mac software development. He most recently has done marketing and design work.  Spencer’s focus currently is productivity applications and functions on data and productivity enthusiasts who tackle big problems such as how productivity works/can improve productivity yet understand the importance of un-utilitarian outlooks in design and UX.  He has a strong passion for taking something from it’s intellectual birth to completion. Spencer is also interested in the process behind idea-making, and the roots of what makes a company successful.

Show Notes/Minutes:

(1:55)  Spencer’s educational journey

(10:45)  What was it about the traditional school system that demotivated you?

(13:20)  What did you do out of school to engage your curiosity for learning?

(18:43)  Experience in the UnCollege Program

(23:19)  Phases of the Program

(28:20)  In 30 years, what are your goals for this life?

(29:57)  If you could have dinner with one person, past or present, who would it be and why?

Charles Schwab

Tweetable Quotes:

“It became kind of a joke for me to be sent to the principal’s office”   Tweet this quote!

“I had two great teachers.  That was about it.  Why can’t other teachers be like them?”   Tweet this quote!

“They didn’t know what to do with a kid who actually wanted to learn.”    Tweet this quote!

“I guess a million isn’t so bad” – with regard to the million hits of his blog in 6th grade    Tweet this quote!

“Where other people are pursuing what they wanna do instead of  what other people tell them what to do”  Tweet this quote!

“Do something you love and you will get paid for it”    Tweet this quote!

Shout Outs:

Spencer’s website:  www.spshulem.com


Thiel Fellowship

Zen Fund

Dale Stephens

Michael Staton

App:  Do it (productivity) – One of Spencer’s apps

App;  Pill Reminder (medical) – One of Spencer’s apps

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