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Episode 028: Phil Hill from Mindwires Consulting

Interested in the current and future state of colleges and universities?  What about online education, and its potential impact on learning?  Well you’ll love this episode with Phil Hill!  Don’t miss his insights on these issues and much more.  Enjoy! Guest Bio: Phil Hill (@PhilOnEdTech) is an educational technology consultant and analyst who has spent […]

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Episode 027: Tom Vander Ark, from Getting Smart & Learn Capital

  We had a very special guest drop by MEP for Episode 027…Tom Vander Ark!  Tom is a dynamo in the education industry, and provides a unique perspective as a former business executive, school superintendent, author, and current venture capitalist in education. Tom and I chat about “personalization vs. standardization” in public education, innovative school […]

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Episode 026: UnCollege Fellow Profile #1 – Spencer Shulem

Imagine being kicked out of school for wanting to be challenged.  Wanting to learn.  What if you had an insatiable curiosity to do more and understand more….but most of your teachers and administrators didn’t understand?  In episode 026 of MEP, I chat with Spencer Shulem, a current UnCollege fellow and entrepreneur who experienced just that. […]

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Episode 025: Russ Roberts on the Economics of Education

What could happen if we looked at education from an economic perspective?  Well, we explore exactly that in episode 025 of MEP with Russ Roberts from Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and the host of the long running educational podcast EconTalk.  Don’t miss this one! Guest Bio: Russell Roberts is the John and Jean De Nault […]

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