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Michael Berman

Episode 068: Michael Berman – VP of Technology at California State University – Channel Islands

In this episode of the MEP, I interview Michael Berman, the Vice President of Technology at California State University – Channel Islands. He talks about the evolution and potential extinction of LMS and how that impacts the future of the university.  He also shares his thoughts on  what an ideal learning experience really looks like in the 21st century. This […]

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Vincent Forese

Episode 067: Vincent Forese, CEO of Link Systems International

In this episode of MEP, we have Vincent Forese, the President and CEO of Link Systems International. The company provides online tutoring, content development and other services in education technology. Here he talks about the company’s software products, the academic research and product development that the company has been doing, and also the failures he experienced as a business […]

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Pasi Sahlberg

Episode 066: Pasi Sahlberg on Finnish Lessons

In this episode of MEP, I interview Pasi Sahlberg, author of Finnish Lessons and visiting professor at Harvard Graduate School of Education. Pasi talks about the Finnish education system, and we discuss what we can deconstruct to apply to the American public education system today. Guest Bio: Pasi Sahlberg is a visiting Professor of Practice […]

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William Deresiewicz

Episode 065: Reading of The Disadvantages of an Elite Education by William Deresiewicz

Today, I’ll do something different. I’ll be reading an essay by William Deresiewicz called The Disadvantages of an Elite Education that appeared in The American Scholar in June 2008. This is a great article that affected me profoundly. It’s a controversial essay about what we typically think of most prestigious universities like Yale and Harvard. […]

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Laura Sandefer

Episode 064: Laura Sandefer, Co-Founder and Head of School at Acton Academy

In this episode of MEP, we talk to Laura Sandefer, the Co-Founder and Head of School at Acton Academy. She shares her insights on experiential and blended learning, and how the school engages their students through Socratic methods and focusing on Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey. Guest Bio: Raised by a science teacher and minister, Laura […]

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Saul Kaplan

Episode 063: Saul Kaplan, Founder of the Business Innovation Factory

In this week’s episode of MEP, I interview Saul Kaplan live in person. Saul is the founder of the Business Innovation Factory, and we talk about education initiatives, about his background, his experience, and what he thinks about education moving forward. Guest Bio: Saul Kaplan is the author of The Business Model Innovation Factory and founder and […]

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Jen SIlbert

Episode 062: Jen Silbert, Founder of Learning401

In this episode of MEP, we talk to Jen Silbert, the Co-Founder of Spartina Consulting and Founder of Learning401. Here she talks about why getting student authentic voices is important outside of the classroom, and what really are their most powerful learning moments. Guest Bio: Jen is an experienced organizational change consultant, facilitator, and trainer […]

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David Lindrum

Episode 061: David Lindrum, Founder and Instructional Designer at Soomo Learning

In this episode of MEP, the founder of Soomo Learning, David Lindrum, joins us to talk about the importance of instructional design, the digital evolution or lack thereof in higher education and where he sees things going. Guest Bio: For 20 years, David has lived and worked at the intersection of transformational learning and web […]

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