Episode 020: Dave Fontaine on Open Educational Resources and Digital Literacy for Teachers

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On episode 020 of MEP, Dave Fontaine joins the program to talk about the real potential of open educational resources and digital literacy education.  Don’t miss this one!


Dave Fontaine

Guest Bio:

Dave Fontaine is a man who wears many hats!  Dave is the Director of Instructional Media Technology at Middletown Public Schools in Middletown, RI.  Dave is also an instructor at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Education, specializing in training educators in the effective use of technology to improve collaboration and communication in student learning.  See Dave’s courses here.  He is an in demand educational consultant on the topics of eLearning, ebooks, and open educational resources.


Shout Outs:

8:30(ish) – Geoffrey Moore’s Law of Diffusion Curve from his great book Crossing the Chasm

Definition of Open Educational Resources (via OER hub Wikipedia…pretty cool!)

Creative Commons:  The legal infrastructure behind the future of OERs.  If you have any interest at all in OER’s, you must dig into their efforts.  Follow @cgreen (Cable Green) for updates!

OpenStax:  Interesting non-profit work out of Rice University

MIT OpenCourseware:  One of the first large scale efforts to make course materials open, especially from a prestigious global brand.

CK-12:  Non-profit founded by Neera Khosla, with some powerful advisory board members (including Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales)

Curriki.org:  OER repository


Dinner Date:

Richard Branson:  Founder of Virgin Group


Where to find Dave and his work:

Dave’s CV


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