Episode 017: Mitch Weathers, Founder of Organized Binder & Biology Teacher at Sequoia HS

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On episode 017 of MEP, teacher and founder of Organized Binder, Mitch Weathers, joins the program to talk about teaching character over content and why an Organized Binder is so beneficial to educators as well as students. Don’t miss it!Mitch Weathers


Guest Bio:

Mitch’s background couldn’t be summed up better than it was on Jessie Arora’s EdCrunch blog, as part of her TeacherPreneur series for EdSurge. I have included a link here for the skinny on Mitch!






Email:  mitch@organizedbinder.com

Shout outs:

Paul Tough and his work on How Children Succeed

Lisa Delpit and her work


Dinner Date:

Paolo Freire – His seminal work Pedagogy of the Oppressed was a great influence on Mitch and his mission in education



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