Episode 007: Dan Callahan from Burlington Public Schools & EdCamp

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In this episode of Meet Education Project, instructional technology specialist and professional development disrupter Dan Callahan joins the program to discuss EdCamp, technology use to encourage student content creation, and dinner with Stan Lee!  Don’t Miss it!

Dan Callahan

Dan Callahan is a technology specialist, non-profit director, graduate professor, and workshop leader. After spending eight years in the Upper Darby School District, PA, as a Special Educator, he moved to Massachusetts where he works as an Instructional Technology Specialist for Burlington Public Schools, working on introducing the use of mobile devices in the classroom and launching a 1:1 iPad program. In 2010, he helped launch the Edcamp movement of unconferences by organizing Edcamp Philly, an event which has lead to more than 150 unconference events around the world. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the non-profit Edcamp Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting free, democratic, participant-driven professional development opportunities for teachers in their local communities.

He teaches a course in experiential learning models as an Adjunct Professor for Antioch University New England in their Next-Generation Learning Master’s in Education program. He has lead or is scheduled to lead workshops at the International Society for Technology in Education annual conference, EduCon, the Google Apps for Education Summit New England, the Peers Forum for Excellence in Teaching Summer InstituteMassCUE, the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference, the Massachusetts State Library Association Conference, the Massachusetts Teachers Association Summer Conference, LearnLaunch, the New England 1:1 Summit, the Massachusetts Digital Publication Collaborative, iCon, and multiple Edcamps across the country. Dan was honored as one of the “Bammy 100″ Connected Educators at the first annual Bammy Awards by the Academy of Education Arts & Science in 2012.

Social Media:

Personal Blog: Remix Teaching

Work Blog: Pine Glen LTC

Twitter: @dancallahan

LinkedIn: Dan Callahan

Flickr: speaker4td

Diigo: dancallahan

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