Episode 150: Shawn Coyne on the Importance of Conflict in Storytelling, Resistance, and Doing the Work

In this episode, I interview Shawn Coyne of storygrid.com. We discuss how important conflict is in storytelling, and he shares about his upbringing and why stories are so essential to the work he does and why he’s passionate about it. Guest Bio: Shawn Coyne created Story Grid to help authors tell stories that work. Shawn […]

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Sadie Lincoln

Episode 149: Sadie Lincoln, Founder of Barre3 on Creating a Movement, and the Importance of Core Values

In this episode, I interview Sadie Lincoln, founder of Barre3. We talk about entrepreneurship, creating a movement and creating your core values, what’s most important to you and your family, and the things that you love and care about. Guest Bio: Sadie Lincoln is a renowned wellness expert, media personality, and founder of barre3. From […]

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Jim Harshaw

Episode 148: All-American College Wrestler Jim Harshaw on Failure’s Role in Success in Sports, Business, and Life

Jim Harshaw of Wrestling with Success Podcast talks about struggle, resilience and using adversity to your advantage, and how this is important to instill in our kids, and in our classrooms. Guest Bio: Failure, struggle and setbacks are not only an inevitable part of life but a necessary step on the path to success. Jim […]

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Don Wettrick

Episode 147: Don Wettrick on How to Cultivate Young Entrepreneurs and Innovators

In this episode, Don Wettrick shares his unique perspective on how we can build entrepreneurial mindsets in our kids, why that’s important and what he’s doing in his innovation class at Noblesville High School. Guest Bio: Don Wettrick is an Innovation Specialist at Noblesville High School, just outside Indianapolis, IN. He is the author of […]

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Scott Frauenheim

Episode 146: Scott Frauenheim, COO of Distinctive Schools

Scott Frauenheim, COO of Distinctive Schools, talks about their school model, the student demographics, how they’re attempting to scale, and some of the challenges they face day to day that may be different from a traditional public school. Guest Bio: Scott Frauenheim has dedicated his career to building positive learning environments for students and educators, […]

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Rebekah Kim

Episode 144: Rebekah Kim, Principal of Midway Elementary School

Rebekah Kim, Principal of Midway Elementary School, talks about her family background, why she’s so passionate about low income communities and socio-economic change and diversity initiatives in elementary and high school level. We also talk about some of the blended learning initiatives that she’s a part of at Highline Public Schools. Guest Bio: Rebekah Kim […]

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Richard Culatta

Episode 143: Richard Culatta, Chief Innovation Officer of Rhode Island

Richard Culatta shares what he’s trying to do as the Chief Innovation Officer of Rhode Island in redefining how government works and how it functions to serve the people, and what it means when innovation is infused in K-12 and higher education. Guest Bio: Richard Culatta is a leader in innovation and education, and has […]

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